Our Clients

Below are of some campaigns that we have managed for our clients: 

  • Best Meals: (CCA drive) In-store Promotion
  • Knorr Tasty Soup 2in1 Soup: In-store Promotion
  • Knorrox: In-store Promotion and Roadshows
  • Rajah: In-store Promotion
  • Wonderbag: In-store Promotion and Roadshows
  • SA Poultry: Stokvels
  • Shoprite & Makro: Stokvels
  • Perfect Sishebo: In-store Promotion and Roadshows
  • Braai Master Robertson's: Roadshows
  • Dove: Brand Ambassadors and In-store Promotion
  • Lux: In-store Activations
  • Radox: In-store Activations
  • Knorr Tasty Seasoning Powder: In-store Promotion, School Activations, and Roadshows
  • Eggs are Magic: Stokvels
  • Robertson's Spices: In-store Promotion, Roadshows, and Brand Ambassadors
  • Mamma Magic: Baby Expo
  • Inecto: In-store Promotion and Roadshows
  • Motions Hair Care: Brand Ambassadors
  • Omo: Stokvels and Mobile Laundry
  • Sunlight Germiguard
  • Domestos

Campaign Highlights

  • Dove brand ambassadors in Clicks, Dis-Chem and PnP.
  • Dove bar soap demos and promos in Shoprite.
  • Knorr soups – 150 stores x 8 days with cook-ups and sampling daily.
  • Knorrox in-store and roadshows.
  • Various Lux in-store activations.
  • Various Radox in-store activations.
  • Motions brand ambassadors.
  • Omo "Pop Up Laundries".
  • Rajah Reel gardening in store and home makeover.
  • Robertsons wors rolls in-store activations.
  • Perfect Sishebo in-store and roadshows.
  • CCA Drive (Rajah, Robertsons, Aromat, Knorrox, Knorr) 120 stores x 12 days per store.
  • Lux – 100 Stores activated for 13 days each.
  • Cambridge CCA drive – 21 Stores x 11 days per store x 2 Promoters.
  • Shoprite Stokvels – 79 Stores x 29 Days per store.
  • Domestos school activations (toilet refurbishments).
  • Ongoing Wonderbag brand activation and assistance.
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